November 11

Lines in the Sand: for US Casualties – Veteran’s Day,

On Veteran’s Day I drew 4362 lines in the sand at Montrose Beach in Chicago, one for each war death in the current operation in Iraq.

November 7

Widows: Lines in the Sand Action Day

Lines in the Sand with Core Project and Jaber Alturfee

Widows: Lines in the Sand with Jaber Alturfee & Core Project

October 7

800 Lines mark the 8th Anniversary of the Afghan War

Ox-Bow, Michigan

During a two-week stay, Lines in the Sand was conceived, A Widowsweave silkscreen was editioned, and flags, banners were experimented with.

July 21

Widows #5

Live Performance, Projected Video, Stereo Sound, Chalk board, Chalk

Three million intersections of line cover and obscure each other as ghostly images assist the artist in memorializing three million Iraq widows.

Widows #5 - Live Performance with Video

Widows #5 video

May 15

Widows Interactive Book with Video

Interactive Book, LDR sensors trigger 0-6 video streams w/stereo depicting the artist drawing a grid of three million intersections of line representing Iraqi widows.  The lines overlap and obscure each other as the scraping chalk sounds multiply.  The count gets inaccurate; lines smear together, and they’re evidence is lost.

Watch video


Widows commemorative book

Widows performances

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