December 2010

Ad in Winter 2010 issue of Bomb

This ad for the Columbia College Chicago Interarts Department features Valentine’s Widowsweave installation/performance from May 2010.

October 2010
Poster for Low Estimate at the Iraq History Project Art Fair in Oct, 2010

September 2010

Widowsweave Image Chosen for Albert P. Weisman Award Show postcard

June 2010

Widowsweave Installation Chosen for Cover of Thesis Show Catalogue

November 2009

Valentine Interviewed in Chronicle about Widowsweave Project

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Valentine Quoted in Article on Anti War-Violence Action

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“We can’t forget that we are responsible to a certain extent for both the Iraq and Afghan war and that responsibility doesn’t mean just yanking ourselves out of there militarily or staying militarily,” Valentine said. “The responsibility is rebuilding the countries. If we want a democracy built, we have to be serious about it. We can’t be sending corporations and pay them lots of money to try to do it. People there have to do it and we have
to allow them.”