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September 11, 2017

Basic HTML

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Some Basic HTML Commands.

Outline of a Web page

< title> browser title</title>

your page text & media here



Formatting in HTML

Headlines manipulates headline properties

<h1 align=center> heading text </h1>
values are h1 (largest) to h6 (smallest)

Font Size to change text size or alignment or color

<font size = # align = left/center/right color = ######> text </font>
where size= a value 1- 7, 1 is smallest, 7 is largest

Paragraph to define a block of text as a paragraph

<p> paragraph text goes here </p>

Center text

<center> text or image to be centered </center>

Blank or new lines


Lists places a numbered or bulleted list on the page


<li>list elem1
<li>list elem2


<li>list elem1
<li>list elem2



Special Characters to place special charaters into text

         &#nnn  183     Ex: mid dot =181 mu = 177

Horizontal rule

          <hr align=left size=12 width= 75%>



Pictures   insert GIF, JPG file

    <img src=”filename” width= ### height= ###> where ### is the number of pixels to display the picture (usually only specify one)


hypertext links – external, internal & image – outdated links

<a name=”#aname”> anchor text or image </a>       sets an anchor point (internal bokmark) to transfer to

<a href=”aname”> link text or image </a>         set a link and destination – aname maybe URL, page name or #aname (internal bookmark)

<a href “default.htm#aname> link text or image </a>      to transfer to inside an external doc


Set Page background color

<body bgColor = #FF0000>     #FF0000 = RED, each 2 Hex digits of the number correspond to the red, green blue values


There are many other tags available. To see more, check out one of the HTML sites in resources.


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