Homepage Project

Homepage Project

In this project you will create three web pages and place them on your W: drive. The W: drive is a live server accessible world wide. The root directory on W is the root of your website and on completion of this project will contain 3 or more pages and an images folder with a number of pictures. Use Dreamweaver to create a home page for yourself named index.html.

The exact format for your page is up to you. However, your page should contain the following:

  • Your name and picture (centered horizontally on the page)    
    • ex:     Mr. Sid E. Slicker
  • Hyperlinks:
    • A horizontal list of 6 links, 4 internal links and 2 external links (internal links are links to anchor points on the same page and external links are links to another page).
    • Internal links:
      • About Me (small section introducing yourself – your major & other info you want to share),
      • Career Goals (talks about what you want to do when you finally get out of school),
      • Favorite Pages (contains an annotated, bulleted list of external links to three or more of your favorite web sites),
      • Contact Info (gives your contact information, email etc. – only provide what you are comfortable exposing).
      • Fill the sections referenced above with lots of wit so everyone doesn’t think that you are a dweeb.
    • External links:
      • Family Album (a second web page called family.htm containing family pictures and information)
        • this page should have a link on it taking you back to your home page
      • a third page of your own design and subject matter

Test all links to verify that they work correctly. Make your page visually stimulating and easy to read. You don’t want it ending up in Flander’s Worst of the Year list next year.

Turn in a printout of your pages and a printout of the HTML code. Make sure that everything is on the W drive.

Your new website’s URL is <your NCC login id>.students.noctrl.edu You now have a real website which you can continue to add to as you see fit. Note: it can take a few minutes after you place your webpages on the W drive before they go live, i.e. are accessible on the web.

Grading criteria for this project:

  • 10% – all pages and media correctly named and in the right folder
  • 30% – nice looking, well laid out, easy to read pages
  • 30% – correctly working hyperlinks
  • 30% – well written text, free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors