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August 28, 2017

Good, Bad & Ugly

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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Get on the Internet and explore different sites with an eye toward evaluating the quality of the different sites. Look at the use of color, media and layout. To begin your quest, visit Flander’s site at the following URL:

for some background on what you are looking for. Spend about an hour at this site learning about good design by looking at bad..


After visiting Flanders’ site, explore the web on your own, identify one web page that is very good and one page that is very bad.

  • Copy both links to Blackboard
  • Include no more than a couple of paragraphs about the merits and short comings of each page. Use the information that you have learned from to enumerate why the page is or is not good.
  • Be ready to present your sites to the class and defend your positions.

**Do not use any pages that were pointed out by Flanders.


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